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Dry Rotary Vane Pumps - WVS (Single Pump Module)

WVS Series are designed for reliability in a multitude of applications. Available in various combination
WVS (Single Pump Module)
1) V version – Vacuum Operation only
2) VB version – Vacuum and Blow Operation
Single Stage, Carbon Vane Rotary, Air-Cooled.
Compact Design – Reliability & Durability – Easy to maintain and operate
Simple installation – Air Cooled – No water Required.
Quite Operation
Oil free
WVS series are ideal for use of following applications:
Printing, Book Binding
Packing, Forming
Absorption and many other industrial applications.

WVH- 3, 5

WVS- 3, 5& 6, 3H, 5H & 6H

WVS- 8 & 9, 8H & 9H

WVS- 10 & 10H

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