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WOVP Series

WOVP Series - The oil will be fed into the pump module from the oil sump for sealing and lubrication by differential pressure between pump module and oil sump. The discharged oil as a mist with gas will be collected through the oil separator(s) in the upper part of oil sump. The collected oil will be drawn into the pump inlet side for re-circulation by the pressure difference between suction and pressure side through a float valve (F version) or through the return line (L version). Gas Ballast (in case equipped) will be working by sucking ambient air into the cylinder for prevention of accumulation of condensates(water) from process gas.
This series are designed for reliability in a multitude of applications. Available in three (3) versions to the pumps, each pump is designed to meet your vacuum needs.
“L' version: for medium vacuum – 10~20 mbar for continuous operation with oil return line.
“NM' version: for medium deeper vacuum - 2 mbar for continuous operation with oil return line.
“F' version: for deeper vacuum - 0.5 mbar- Suitable for continuous operation with float valve system.
For dimension/curve information, please see each page of the model.
• Compact Design – Reliability & Durability – Easy to maintain and operate
• Simple Installation – Air Cooled, No water required
• Direct Drive Design – No Belts required
• Integral Exhaust Filter – Discharge air 99% oil free
• Quite Operation
• Food Processing, Packaging
• Plastic Moulding, PCB, Hot press, Rubber Press Moulding, Metallurgy.
• Vacuum Lifting, Wood Carving
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Laboratories,
• All WOVP series has obtained CE Mark.

WOVP-0020, 0030 & 0040

WOVP-060 & 080

WOVP-120 & 200

WOVP-320 & 430


WOVP-500 & 600

WOVP-800,1000 &1200


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