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Claw compressors have been developed specifically for industrial applications in which constant pressure, high pumping speed and completely oil-free compression are essential. Air is compressed with considerable energy savings compared to the traditional rotary lobe design due to contact free rotor design and oil, or any operating liquid, free operation

PCX- 60, 100, 150, 250, 300, 400 & 505

PCX- 155 / 205

Rotary claw vacuum pumps are dry, positive displacement pumps that consist of a pumping chamber and two counter-rotating, synchronized, non-contacting claws. The gas enters through the inlet where the gas is filtered by the inlet screen. The gas enters the pumping chamber. The precisely-dimensioned claws rotate. The small gap between the claws compresses the gas such that the inlet side has a lower pressure and the high pressure is on the discharge. The oil-free gas is then discharged through the silencer

VCX- 60, 100, 150, 250, 300, 400 & 505

VCX- 155 / 205

Wonchang’s Dry Rotary Vane Pumps operate according to the rotary vane principal. The rotor is eccentrically positioned in the pump cylinder and has the machined slots for sliding of the vanes. The centrifugal forces of the rotation pushes vanes out towards the wall of the cylinder. The gas enters vacuum pump through the inlet manifold (Air filter) and is compressed and pushed out through the outlet manifold (built-in silencer) installed on pump module. The regulators installed on manifold are adopted for regulating vacuum or pressure level constantly. Carbon material vane is employed for self-lubrication.

WBS - 30A, 50A, 60A & 80A

WBS - 80B, 85B, 90B, 95B &100B

WVH- 3, 5

WVS- 3, 5& 6, 3H, 5H & 6H

Wonchang’s Oil Sealed Rotary Vane Pumps operate according to the rotary vane principle. The rotor is eccentrically positioned in the cylinder and has the slots for vane sliding. The centrifugal forces when rotates push the vanes towards wall of the cylinder through the slots of the rotor. The gas will be sucked in through a built-in anti suck back valve that prevents the pump from rotating backward at standstill, and goes into the cylinder. The gas will be compressed and pushed out through the exhaust opening located between the pumps housing and oil sump.

WOVP-0020, 0030 & 0040

WOVP-060 & 080

WOVP-120 & 200

WOVP-320 & 430

Side Channel Blowers - Can be defined as positive displacement, rotary machines used to move air or other gases. Their simple design makes them low cost and their non-contact configuration means they have no wearing parts so they are ultra-reliable. Our Side Channel Blowers comes in single and double stage models

Side Channel Blower

Wonchang B Series vacuum boosters are positive Displacement, roots-type blowers intended for use in Conjunction with a mechanical backing pump. The B booster pumps have a simple weighted By pass design that allows start-up from atmosphere.

B- 500, 1200 & 2600


Medical System

Vacuum Pumps System

Vacuum Pumps System


Maintenance Kit 3

Maintenance Kit 2

Maintenance Kit 1

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